Earlier today, I saw this tweet from MSNBC with some BS revisionist history spewed by Chris Hayes where he argued that one of the “striking” differences between Trump and Clinton’s impeachment is that Clinton showed “contrition” and a “willingness to acknowledge what he did was wrong”:

And I tweeted this response. After years of blaming the attack on a “vast left wing conspiracy” and dragging Monica Lewinsky through the mud, Clinton did the absolute minimum he needed to do in public to show contrition. But we all know, deep down, that he still thinks he was the one that was wronged:

And then I got a DM from a reader reminding me about the formation of MoveOn.org and, well, LOL. Yes, libs, it’s time to Move On:

Except MoveOn.org, the group founded to get Dems to move on from Clinton’s impeachment, is all in on Trump’s:

I then tagged @MoveOn with their signature line back then that Bill Clinton was a good man who did a bad thing:

Ad they didn’t like that one bit:

The truth hurts, guys.


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