Thoughts and prayers coming your way at this very difficult time:

We’re so sorry this is happening to you, Brian:

Bill Clinton even had one during impeachment, but no photo line because the last photo of him hugging someone in the photo line got him impeached:

Ahh. . . Good take:

LOL. Trump destroyed the “institution” of the invite-only cocktail party:

And here’s a little history she forgot on how it went down last year:

Here’s an idea:

Why do they even want to spend time with him anyway?

Who knew getting drunk on taxpayer money was so important to the Republic?

Coal in your stockings, for sure:

And we can’t believe we’re saying this, but Parker Molloy is spot on: No parties, no WHCD no more backroom kissy-kissy crap:

CNN’s Kyle Feldscher agrees:

And thank you, Mr. President:


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