For months and months we’ve been told by Dems how President Trump is a danger to the Republic and its the solemn duty of Congress to weigh all of the evidence presented in both the House and an eventual trial in the Senate.

But to Andrew Yang, it’s actually MORE important for Dems to hit the campaign trail than to actually do their jobs as jurors:

Team “nothing matters” wins again:

So, is Yang being serious here or he knows the Dem Senators cannot do this and he just makes himself look good? We’ll assume that since he’s a politician that he just did this to help his own cause:

As Tim Miller notes in The Bulwark, Dems are at risk right now because they’re just not acting as if President Trump is the danger they have been saying he is:

This is spot on: Dems aren’t acting any differently, which fits with Yang’s advice:


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