Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp will reportedly select businesswoman Kelly Loeffler to replace retiring Sen. Johnny Isakson as early as next week:

President Trump, however, wants Gov. Kemp to select Trump supporter Rep. Doug Collins and that’s not going over well with the governor:

The fight spilled out to Twitter, because this is 2019 and OF COURSE it did. Here’s Rep. Matt Gaetz calling out Gov. Kemp for his decision:

But these tweets didn’t sit well with Kemp’s team. . .

Here’s Kemp adviser Ryan Matthew Mahoney saying Rep. Gaetz and his “tight, acid-washed jean shorts” can’t cut it in South Georgia:

Gaetz’s reply:

And the, this: “Inquiring minds want to know if you prefer flat front jorts, pleated jorts, or cargo jorts with room to put all of your Legos, Pokémon cards, and jellybeans”:

Rep. Gaetz took the insults in stride:

Well, next week should be . . . interesting? Is that the correct word?