Meet West Post Cadet Trevaun Turner who just set a new record on the academy’s Indoor Obstacle Course Test.

Seriously, watch this . . . it’s amazing:

“Glad he’s on our team,” tweeted former congressman Jason Chaffetz:

And he does look like a Marvel character:

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In under two minutes, Cadet Trevaun Turner made history at the United States Military Academy at West Point. The track and field athlete ran the Indoor Obstacle Course Test, a full-body functional fitness test given to all cadets throughout the year – and they must pass.

Cadets pass the IOCT with a minimum time of 3:30 for men and 5:29 for women. But according to the Twitter account for the USMA’s Commandant of Cadets, one cadet not only passed, but set an almost unbeatable record.

America, you’re in good hands: