If you asked us when impeachment started if Texas Republican Will Hurd and former 2020 presidential candidate Mark Sanford would have voting in favor of it, we would’ve probably said yes.

Yet. . .

Now, after weeks of information coming out in Adam Schiff’s multiple hearings, both are now saying that they would not vote to impeach:

So the former CIA agent who put his life on the line for the United States now doesn’t have moral courage? GTFO of here with this nonsense:

It sounds like this is where the GOP is headed: The president was wrong to link aide and an investigation, but this is up to the voters to decide:

And here’s Politico’s Tim Alberta on Sanford:

Mollie is right here. You can buy into what Dems are accusing the president off but still “fathom” why Sanford and Hurd are no votes: