Have you been watching Disney+’s “The Mandalorian”?

It’s getting praised not only by fans but by social justice folks who like the diversity of the crew and cast:

Well, not EVERYONE is happy about it. Here’s Anita Sarkeesian on “not a single female speaking character in the first episode”:

Sorry, folks! You’re canceled!

A blurrg is this creature, which according to the show, is a species where the females eat the males after mating:

Did she miss all the women who are behind the camera?

That’s a lot of diversity in this photo:

Hang in there! A female character is coming soon:

Oh, and we question if she actually watched the show:

Because there was a female speaking part in the first episode:

The “Armorer” is actually an important character or does a woman as the “spiritual leader of the Mandalorians” not even count?



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