Well, we never thought we’d do a post where Ann Coulter and Nancy Pelosi kind of agree on something, but here we are. . .

Here’s Coulter mocking President Trump after DHS confirmed any new fence along the southern border:

From the Washington Times:

The administration still has yet to fence in any new miles of border with President Trump’s wall, a top Homeland Security official acknowledged Thursday — though he said that’s not the right way to look at the problem.

Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan told reporters that 78 miles of wall has been erected under Mr. Trump, but all of it has replaced outdated fencing or barriers that had previously existed.

She followed that up with this tweet asking, “Wasn’t it fun when we thought we were getting a wall?”:

And now here’s Nancy Pelosi from her interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday where she said President Trump only uses “Build the wall!” at his rallies as an “applause line” and that it’s “not anything he’s serious about”:

She added, “The president hasn’t built any new wall in a whole term of office”: