Well, this will trigger all the right people. . .

Donald Trump Jr.’s new book, “Triggered” debuted at No. 1 on the NYT Bestseller List:

But do you see that little symbol at the end of the description for “Triggered”? That’s called the NYT dagger and it’s the symbol when bulk orders are included:

Sales are defined as completed transactions by vendors and individual end users during the period on or after the official publication date of a title. Institutional, special interest, group or bulk purchases, if and when they are included, are at the discretion of The New York Times Best-Seller List Desk editors based on standards for inclusion that encompass proprietary vetting and audit protocols, corroborative reporting and other statistical determinations. When included, such bulk purchases appear with a dagger (†).

And, yes. . . the dagger has triggered the libs and they’re accusing Trump Jr. of buying his way to the top:

Keep in mind, the NYT could have excluded these bulk sales from their count if they wanted. They made an editorial decision to include them. So, enjoy them sour grapes, libs.