According to the new PAC Unite the Country whose goal “is to support Joe Biden to take the fight to Donald Trump and elect a president who will unite the country,” the former VP is going to win Alabama:

Here’s a screenshot of the now-deleted tweet:

And this PAC is calling the toss-up states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida and Arizona all for Biden as well:

That New York Times article the PAC linked to also warns Dems of “signs that the president’s advantage in the Electoral College has persisted or even increased since 2016.”

And this:

The poll offers little evidence that any Democrat, including Mr. Biden, has made substantial progress toward winning back the white working-class voters who defected to the president in 2016, at least so far. All the leading Democratic candidates trail in the precincts or counties that voted for Barack Obama and then flipped to Mr. Trump.

So, not Alabama?


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