As we told you earlier, the GOP won 5 of 6 statewide races in Kentucky last night, including electing the first African-American in the states history as attorney general. The one race Republicans lost is the for governor, but incumbent Matt Bevin was the least popular governor in America and he just barely lost. So, all-in-all, not too shabby a night for President Trump.

But Jim Acosta’s “source who regularly talks to Trump” says this is “totally bad” for the president (And this is a great example of why the overuse of anonymous sources are BS. WTF does “regularly talks to Trump” even mean? What’s this source’s track record?):

Never change, Jim. Never. Change:

“Totally bad,” says the source:

And as for Virginia, does Acosta’s source remember the 2016 election when Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by 5% or so? Virginia may be totally blue now, but it’s not important to winning in 2020: