A few days ago, the NYT amped up its climate alarmism coverage to 11 with this piece on a new study that claimed “most of Southern Vietnam could be underwater” in the next 30 years because of rising sea levels:

But the study has a lot of problems, namely that millions of people already live in areas that are below sea level and — SURPRISE — they’re not drowning.

This long thread from Bjorn Lomborg explains what’s really going on:

Keep in mind, Lomborg is not denying climate change is happening:

Here’s why the NYT focused on Vietnam:

Look at these two graphs!

Now, look at now versus 30 years from now graphing it the way the NYT does. They’re the same:

And as Lomborg points out, they’re already underwater:

It’s called adaption:

So, the conclusion is that we will be able to deal with this new threat. That’s good news!

And since incomes are rising, fewer people will actually decline:

Oh, and all of this is baked in anyway and can’t be stopped:

Now, why did they pick Vietnam instead of say Holland?

It’s a very similar example:

Amsterdam’s airport is underwater right now, according to the NYT:

They’re trying to scare you:

And so are all the media outlets that parroted the NYT:

Over to you, NYT: