Twitchy regular Alyssa Milano seems pretty psyched for former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe’s new $75 million digital ad campaign:

The campaign, titled “Four is Enough,” will target voters in battleground states. Apparently, the guy in the funny hat will help Dems win in battleground states or something:

From the NYT:

The effort, by a nonprofit group called Acronym and an affiliated political action committee, is an outgrowth of growing concern by some Democratic officials that Mr. Trump could build an insurmountable edge in those key states through massive early advertising efforts. Mr. Trump has spent more than $26 million so far nationally just on Facebook and Google, more than the four top-polling Democrats — Joseph R. Biden Jr., Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg — have spent in total on those platforms.

“The gun on this general election does not start when we have a nominee; it started months ago,” said David Plouffe, who managed Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign and was a key adviser to him in 2012, and who recently joined Acronym’s board. “If the things that need to happen don’t happen in these battleground states between now and May or June, our nominee will never have time to catch up.”

This is the guy they’re putting in charge? Plouffe wasn’t so good at predicting things in 2016:

More from Plouffe in 2016: He wants to “thoroughly destroy” Donald Trump:

And let’s not forget when Jake Tapper called him out for dogging on then-candidate Trump’s convention speech as being too doom and gloom:

Reception so far is mixed. As in, great news!

To, don’t eff it up:

And why has it taken so long?

Oh, and they need money:

Write those checks, libs!