Do you guys remember the “underpants gnomes” episode of South Park? If not, the quick and dirty summary is the boys discover that gnomes have been stealing underwear from the people in the town as part of their business scheme. And when they meet the gnomes to discover the secret of the business acumen, the underpants thieves present them with this presentation on how to make money.

Phase 1: Collect underpants; Phase 2: ?; Phase 3: Profit.

Here’s the clip:

Anyway, that tweet from Rep. Ilhan Omar reminded us of the underpants gnomes and their business plan.

Phase 1: Impeach Trump; Phase 2: ?; Phase 3: Guarantee everyone — including the 4.1 million children without insurance — quality healthcare”:

She left out everything that has to happen between her steps 1 and 2, let alone the fact that Cocaine Mitch controls the Senate. Or the fact that Dem Sen. Joe Manchin is a firm no on MfA (and a new on Bernie as the nominee):