A video went viral over the weekend of an arrest in Brooklyn that shows NYPD officers with their guns drawn before storming into a subway car to apprehend a man who was sitting there with his hands up. Have a watch:

2020 presidential candidate Julián Castro then shared the video, adding “This man didn’t pay his subway fare–but is tackled by at least ten officers in a crowded station”:

It’s weird how Castro left out the part where the reason that “at least 10 officers” made the arrest is because they were told this man had a gun:

More from NBC News:

The officers were responding “to an alert for a male with a gun,” the NYPD said Saturday. It was determined that the man did not have a gun but was later charged with theft of services, the NYPD said.

Is there a legitimate question here regarding why cops thought he had a gun? Yes, of course. But it’s really foul that Castro is trying to gin up anti-cop outrage by only sharing half of the story.