In a series of ads on Facebook, Senate Majority Leader Mitch “Cocaine” McConnell threw ice-cold water all over impeachment, saying “The way that impeachment stops is a Senate majority with me as majority leader”:

We can’t embed the ads, but you can see them for yourself here on Facebook’s ad tracker. The videos are the same, but Cocaine Mitch appears to be testing different messages.

One reads:

BREAKING: Adam Schiff LIED. His office secretly coordinated with the source of this laughable impeachment inquiry. Help me stop it.

While others focus on Nancy Pelosi:

Your conservative Senate Majority is the ONLY thing stopping Nancy Pelosi from impeaching President Trump. Donate & help us keep it!


Nancy Pelosi and the left-wing mob want to impeach President Trump. Donate right now and help Mitch stop her!


Can you imagine if Nancy Pelosi and the left-wing mob controlled the Senate? Donate and help keep our conservative Senate Majority!