Reuters is reporting that Greta Thunberg’s chances of winning the Nobel Peace Prize are being hurt by her shaming of global warming hypocrites who fly around the world:

From Reuters:

But Thunberg’s youth, outspokenness and confrontational approach – the very factors that have made her the global face of climate change activism – present challenging questions for the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

Her shaming of those who choose to travel by airplane – #flightshame – raises hackles among some people. The denunciations of world leaders by a teenager alienates others.


“The problem is that the principle of ‘flight shame’ brings her chances … down. Shame is not a constructive feeling to bring about change.”

She’s been a vocal critic of flying, even suggesting that “her generation” won’t be able to fly somewhere except in an emergency:

And she reportedly stopped flying in 2015:

Scientists, however, are allowed to fly:

Before America found out about her and her boat ride across the Atlantic, she’s been taking trains all over Europe instead of flying:

So, she should get the Nobel Peace Prize for speaking out on climate change but not kid it because she’s being honest about it and calling out the *wrong* people? What a joke:

Maybe she should order up a few drone strikes on climate criminals? That might help her chances: