The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold (spelled incorrectly below) did the Bill Press podcast on Monday and said knowing the president’s finances is important because foreign spies look for people in financial trouble. Well, if this fits for President Trump it certainly fits for Hunter Biden, the son of the former vice president:

From that New Yorker article we told you about on Sunday titled, “Will Hunter Biden Jeopardize His Father’s Campaign,” this certainly qualifies as “financial pressure”:

Hunter said that, in divorce proceedings, he offered to give Kathleen “everything,” including a monthly payment of thirty-seven thousand dollars for alimony, tuition, and child-care costs for a decade. Hunter told me that he was living on approximately four thousand dollars a month; he was hardly poor, but it was an adjustment. On occasion, transactions on his credit cards were declined.

And what about everything else? Like the cocaine:

When he was a student at Georgetown, in the early nineties, he took up smoking Marlboro Red cigarettes, and occasionally used cocaine. Once, hoping to buy cocaine, he was sold a piece of crack, but he wasn’t sure how to take the drug. “I didn’t have a stem,” Hunter said. “I didn’t have a pipe.” Improvising, he stuffed the crack into a cigarette and smoked it. “It didn’t have much of an effect,” he said.

And the women:

On December 9, 2016, Kathleen filed for divorce, and on February 23, 2017, she filed a motion in D.C. Superior Court seeking to freeze Hunter’s assets, alleging that he “created financial concerns for the family by spending extravagantly on his own interests (including drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs, and gifts for women with whom he has sexual relations), while leaving the family with no funds to pay legitimate bills.” The motion was leaked to the New York Post, along with the revelation that Hunter and Hallie were dating.

Since we heard the question directed at trump ad nauseam, let’s turn it around to Joe Biden: Knowing what we know now about Hunter Biden, would Joe ever get a security clearance?