We’re not sure if most Americans are aware of this, but in the Bahamas there are thousands of stateless Haitians, many of whom lived on Great Abacao Island before it was devastated by Category 5 Hurricane Dorian last week. And many of those Haitians evacuated to Nassau where they now are at risk of getting deported:

From the New York Times:

In an interview with The New York Times, the minister of immigration, Elsworth Johnson, said the government had suspended deportation roundups in areas affected by the storm, and shelters are considered sanctuaries. But while the government is providing services to survivors regardless of their country of origin, the legal status of migrants affected by the storm will not be ignored forever, he said.

He seemed to suggest that the undocumented in the Nassau shelters are particularly at risk if they venture outside.

“Eventually persons will come out of those shelters, and we know that people are leaving those shelters, and if they’re not properly documented, then we apply the law,” Mr. Johnson said.

We eagerly await Dems to comment on this move from the Bahamas with the same anger they direct at Republicans: