Bernie Sanders is at it again, this time attempting to claim that childbirth will be free under his Medicare-for-all plan:

First up, here’s where he’s getting his numbers from:

So, don’t freak out over those five-digit bills, initially. “Those commercial charges are basically a ruse,” says Carol Sakala, the director of Childbirth Connection programs at the National Partnership for Women & Families. “Our research found that hospitals charged over $32,000 for a vaginal birth, on average, but the actual amount paid by the insurance company, the mother, and any other third parties added up to about $18,000. Meanwhile, the out-of-pocket cost is much, much less.”

And as you can see, that math doesn’t add up:

He left out the unicorns:

Any fact checkers want to chime in?

And since we don’t see PolitiFact or any of the others jumping all over it, here’s Charles C.W. Cooke with the takedown:

Socialist gonna socialist.