Earlier this week, Sen. Ted Cruz and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot got into a little scrape after Cruz rightfully pointed out that Chicago does not do a good enough job prosecuting violent criminals to keep them off the streets:

And then, as we told you, Mayor Lightfoot replied back that it’s not prosecutors that are a problem, but guns from Indiana:

Or, maybe — JUST MAYBE! — it’s the prosecutors:

More from CWB Chicago, but please do click on the article. It’s crazy that they let this guy out:

In a sentencing memorandum, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said Urcino “has a predilection for violence and criminal conduct that he has demonstrated time and again.”

Shortly after Urcino left federal prison, he was charged with driving on a license that was revoked after he crashed a stolen car during a high-speed chase and killed a man.

His federal supervised release was “terminated unsatisfactorily” in June 2018.

It all makes you wonder what Judge Carol Howard was thinking when she decided to set bail at $100,000 and then let Urcino go with a wink and a “you don’t really need to pay it.”

Mayor, it’s time to apologize:





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