There’s news out of the U.K. to report this morning as Jo Johsnon, brother to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, announced his resignation as a minister and Conservative MP over the ongoing Brexit mess:

Thanksgiving or whatever similar holiday our former colonial masters celebrate is going to be rough in the Johnson house this year:

And people think the U.S. is wacky? This is positively bananas:

It hasn’t been a good week for Boris:

More from the Spectator:

In some ways, Johnson’s appointment as a minister was surprising. The MP for Orpington had quit as transport minister under Theresa May over his issues with her Brexit position. At the time, Jo Johnson – who backed Remain in the EU referendum – called for the public to have a fresh say on Brexit. It follows that Jo was at odds with his brother on Brexit for some time.

According to reports, Jo didn’t give brother Boris a heads up that this was happening:

Ice. Cold.