A few day ago, Fox News’ Tomi Lahren announced “Freedom,” her new athleisure clothing line of yoga pants and such designed for conceal-carry gun owners:

And then people pointed out that the company she chose to manufacture the Freedom line actually makes their clothes in China:

Tomi, without stating the country that is making her clothing, admitted manufacturing is being done overseas but she hopes to hire an American company at some point in the future:

She’s a globalist now?

And then there’s this. OUCH:

Just 10 days ago, she was pushing for companies to come to the Made In America  trade show in Indianapolis:

Tomi has been an outspoken proponent of country of origin labeling on beef products, which is causing her some problems now:

And she literally said, “the American worker has been drop-kicked by both political parties but not just those steel, coal, and factory workers, the American farmer and cattlemen have also been kicked in the teeth.”

Consumers need to know what they’re getting with yoga pants, too, Tomi: