There’s a disturbing video going viral that shows a woman, out of nowhere, stabbing a young child in the face while her mom and dad look on in disbelief.

According to a report in the Georgian Journal, the attack happened in Tbilisi, Georgia and the young boy, thankfully was released from the hospital:

The 3 years old child, who was stabbed by a passer-by, will be discharged from Zhvania Clinic today, Natia Vasadze, maxillofacial surgeon of Tbilisi Givi Zhvania Pediatric Academic Clinic, told InterPressNews.

According to Vasadze, the health condition of the minor is satisfactory.

“The state of health has improved, we intend to discharge the child. The patient had fairly deep wounds in the area of ​​the nose and right cheek. We provided initial surgical care to the patient and then, stitched the wound. Currently, the health condition has improved and he will be discharged,” the doctor said.

The woman was arrested and could face only up to 10 years in prison for the attack: