Authorities from New York closed and took possession of Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn after the restaurant reportedly failed to pay almost $200,000 in taxes to the state:

From the New York Daily News:

A Taxation Department spokesman said the seizure stems from $167,506 in outstanding tax debt the pizzeria owes the state.

“Seizing a business is always our last resort,” Taxation Department spokesman James Gazzale said. “Long before we seize a business we are in contact with the owner to let them know there is an outstanding tax debt.”

The closure caught the attention of Bil de Blasio, who oddly hasn’t spoken out against New York’s state taxes before and their impact on small businesses. But NOW he wants something done because he likes their pizza:

You see, small businesses he likes don’t have to pay their taxes:

A taxpayer bailout of a pizza place is on the way?

Question for the mayor: Who else doesn’t have to pay taxes?

Nope. Still not going to be the nominee:

And people who eat pizza with a fork don’t get to weigh in on this anyway: