ABC’s hit show “Bachelor in Paradise” featured its first same-sex love story this week as contestant Demi Burnett was reunited with Kirstian, a 25-year-old woman she was dating prior to the show:

We have no idea why Demi, who was happily dating Kristian, decided to go on a dating show to find a dude to marry in the first place, but it looks like Kristian will now join the contest. We think. As we don’t watch the show, it’s all very confusing:

More from the Washington Post:

Once Demi introduces Kristian to the rest of the contestants, they welcome her and the new couple gets a date card. Derek and Demi even share a hug before she departs on her date.

Now reunited, Kristian lets Demi know that it’s hard for her to know that she’s had “romantic moments with somebody else.” “It made me feel like you doubted us and you had to test that,” Kristian says. “And I didn’t have to test that.”

Demi responds maturely, acknowledging that she has difficulty with commitment because she’s scared of not having control of her emotions. But she doesn’t want to run anymore, Demi tells Kristian. “I want to commit to you … and I’ve never wanted to commit to someone before,” she says.

Sorry, Derek! Go find another one . . . there are a lot to choose from!

GLAAD is calling this totally realistic and not manufactured moment “groundbreaking”:

Anyway, as we were looking at tweets for this post, we saw Demi’s pinned tweet where she got angry at someone who said she looks like Fox News’ Tomi Lahren:

Wow. How tolerant of her.