Claire Lehmann, founder of Quillette, took to Twitter on Tuesday night to debunk a conspiracy theory that’s taken hold that suggests Andy Ngo has been doxxing journalists which put them in danger and this somehow justified the assault on him last week.

At the heart of the totally BS theory is a piece Quillete published on the “cosy relationship between journalists for places such as the @guardian and @HuffPost and Antifa”:

People hated it, but show us where it was wrong please:

Now, here’s where the conspiracy theory gains steam. Antifa has been linking the article to a “kill list” that nobody will show Lehmann. How convenient:

The only person on a “kill list” seems to be Andy Ngo:

Now listen to Mr. Polar Fleece talking about how it’s morally right to beat Ngo over the article that didn’t doxx journos that Ngo didn’t even write:

Try again, Antifa: