Let us start off by saying that law enforcement should prosecute ANYONE who makes a death threat against Davig Hogg to the fullest extent possible by law.

But with that said, the Parkland student claimed in a new interview that he’s been the target of 7 assassination attempts:

From The Hill:

The vocal supporter of gun-control legislation detailed his experiences throughout the last 18 months as he went from regular high school student to one of the faces of the school safety movement in an interview with the Washington Post published Tuesday. He was not asked for further details about the threats.

How the heck did the Washington Post just let that bomb drop and not ask for any details?

More from the interview:

Regarding the death threats and assassination attempts, Hogg said that killing him would be “the stupidest thing they could do to try to end the movement.”

“Because that would make it even more successful in the end,” Hogg told the Post. “Because it would invigorate us and create f—ing change.”

Again, anyone who threatens him should be prosecuted. But we’d like a little more info on these 7 “attempts” on his life, please.