Ready for a pretty good lib smackdown courtesy of Sen. Tom Cotton? If so, keep reading. . .

It all started when Sen. Cotton called out his Dem colleague Sen. Tom Udall after his amendment to a defense bill would in Sen. Cotton’s words, “prohibit American pilots & ships, for example, from returning fire if under attack by Iranian forces”:

The “Udall amendment,” according to Politico, is designed to restrict the president’s ability to take America to war:

The amendment, from Democratic Sens. Tom Udall of New Mexico and Tim Kaine of Virginia, also has support from Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah. It’s the latest attempt to restrict President Donald Trump’s foreign policy powers.

Sen. Udall fired back calling Sen. Cotton’s charge, “false”:

Oh really? And here’s where Sen. Cotton caught Sen. Udall amending his amendment to fix the error:

As the kids say, Sen. Cotton brought the receipts: