You know that claim Nancy Pelosi made while in France for the D-Day anniversary that she doesn’t criticize President Trump when he’s on foreign soil? The brave media firefighters lapped it up:

Except it was BS. Here’s the Washington Post Fact Checker giving the Speaker of the House 2 Pinnochios for the whopper:


The Pinocchio Test

Pelosi appears to be trying to have her cake and eat it, too. She says she does not want to talk about the president overseas, but then she slips in criticisms, including a sharp one: He’s “bankrupt of any ideas.” The distinction between a policy difference and a partisan attack is especially hard to discern. It’s certainly not in the spirit of the original meaning of Vandenberg’s line.

Either Pelosi needs to hold fast to her standard — that she does not talk about the president — or abandon it. She was restrained in Normandy. But other times, it appears to have been a principle honored in the breach.

Two Pinocchios