Jesse Kelly was on Fox News last night where he was asked what he thought about President Trump’s statement that he is OK with accepting oppo research on an opponent from foreign sources.

Kelly was “horrified” at what he said — HAHAHA! — and he ripped into the President for not following the established precedent set down by Hillary Clinton that the only dirt that can be used in a campaign must be purchased through an intermediary that hires a former foreign spy to collect the information:

Of course, Jesse is 100% correct! You see, the Washington Post even confirmed that this is a perfectly legitimate way to get information on your opponent:

“Paying a foreign national fair market value for opposition research is generally not illegal,” Noble wrote. “It is considered a commercial transaction, which is not a contribution.” Clinton’s campaign had paid Fusion GPS directly; it’s a campaign expenditure, not a campaign contribution. Since it’s not a contribution, the FEC allows it.

Steele was hired by Fusion GPS to see what links might exist between Trump and Russian actors. Those connections, built during his service for the British government, were why he was valuable to Fusion GPS. It’s akin to a campaign looking to investigate an opponent’s history of real estate deals in Mexico: Hiring a Mexican firm that’s familiar with the available records would be perfectly legal, if the firm were paid with legally raised campaign contributions.

Libs, however, are a little bit outraged over the comparison:

To paraphrase the above tweet, “JFC people. This is not hard,” via The Federalist’s Sean Davis: