To cap off yesterday’s embarrassing hearing with Watergate figure John Dean, here’s Dem. Rep. Steve Cohen admitting it was just a “show” and that’s OK because the Mueller report is not a “page-turner”:

Later in the day, Rep. Cohen RAGED to MSNBC’s Ari Melber that the hearing wasn’t on CNN or MSNBC. Via Brian Stelter’s newsletter:

Rep. Steve Cohen blasted the control room decision-making in an interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber later in the day. “The president’s guilty” of obstruction of justice, Cohen said. “I think we had a successful hearing. It’s just how many people saw it I don’t know. It should have been on MSNBC, it should have been on CNN, it should have been on Fox, and not just on C-SPAN 3.”

Rep. Cohen also claimed that if Dems get to see the redacted portions of the report, it may show collusion, which would contradict what Mueller actually found:


Next stop, impeachment: