Did you read the epic — and now admittedly fake — story earlier this week from Shane Morris where he said he found a brick of heroin in the hood of a van he bought on the cheap for a road trip that was actually the property of an MS-13 gang member? It’s too long to post the entire thing, but here’s the starting point:

And the TL;DR finale:

Anyway, he’s now admitting he made the whole thing up:

According to his admission, he thought this would be a good way to showcase his talents as a writer, but now he’s allegedly scared MS-13 is going to murder him for real and he’s set up a GoFundMe account to raise money so he can go into hiding:

We have no idea if he’s lying about being really afraid or not:

As of the writing of this post, he’s only raised $140:

So if he is really afraid, he may need to rethink is plan to go into hiding because this ain’t working.


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