San Francisco Police Cheif Bill Scott has apologized for the much-criticized raid on a journalist’s home last week in search for information on a leaked police report on the death of a public defender:

It really is a stunning turn of events as the chief and the mayor defended the raid as recently as yesterday:

It appears Scott finally conceded that the search warrants were problematic from the start, which had been suspected by many of his critics. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

“One of the issues that I saw in this is in the initial warrants,” he said. “There’s one that’s particularity troubling and concerning. The issue is the clarity in the warrant. The description of what his role entails as a journalist — there should have been more clarity there. That is going to be a concern that has to be explored further.”

Yeah, those warrants are going to be a problem for the cops:

Mayor London Breed needs to answer some questions, too, as she also defended the raid after doing some damage control on the story:

The SFPD did return the journo’s equipment, but he doesn’t trust that it wasn’t tampered with: