Back in 2016, it was discovered that Yusuf Abdi Ali, a former Somali military leader accused of war crimes now living in Arlington, VA, had somehow passed an FBI background check scored a security job at Dulles airport. From Fox 5 DC:

“The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority maintains a contract with Master Security to provide unarmed security services. Master Security’s employees are subject to the full, federally mandated vetting process in order to be approved for an airport badge, including a criminal history records check by the FBI and a security threat assessment by the TSA. In addition, the contract with Master Security requires that all employees be licensed security guards by the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have verified that all of these processes were followed and approved in this instance. “We have been informed by Master Security, which hired Mr. Ali, that he has been placed on administrative leave, and as a result his access to the airport has been withdrawn.”

So, where does an accused war criminal go after he gets fired from his security job protecting airlines against potential terror threats? Easy. Uber and Lyft were hiring:

The accused war criminal did maintain a pretty good rating on Uber, however:

Sleep easy, America. It’s not like this is a bigger problem or anything like that. . .

Exit question: Why is Ali still in the U.S. in the first place? From CNN:

Ali entered the United States on a visa through his Somali wife who became a US citizen. In 2006, his wife was found guilty of naturalization fraud for claiming she was a refugee from the very Somali clan that Ali is accused of torturing.


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