Sen. Lindsey Graham just wrapped up a press conference where he detailed legislation he’s proposing to end the ongoing immigration crisis at the southern border. In summary, via ABC News:

– Asylum must be filed in country of origin or Mexico
– Treat Central American unaccompanied minors like those from Canada, Mexico
– Families held together up to 100 days
– 500 new immigration judges

Details from the briefing:

So, will his plan to allow for asylum application outside of the U.S. work to slow down the flow? There’s still an incentive to come to America to file for asylum. The asylum seeker would simply say at the border, “it was so dangerous I had to leave immediately” or “they target those who seek asylum from a consulate or embassy.”

And a wall is not part of his plan:

And even with this anti-Trump stance, libs are still angry at the plan: