An innocent bystander was killed in today’s shooting outside of the Trump International Beach Resort:

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A shooting just now in front of the Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles, Florida has left one person dead and another person injured:

There is speculation on Twitter that the target was rapper “NBA Youngboy”:

There are unconfirmed reports that a woman with Youngblood was shot and injured and a security guard shot and killed the shooter:

There was a second shooting in Aventura, Florida which borders Sunny Isles. Police are investigating if the two shootings are related:

Here’s video from a balcony in the Trump resort that shows police responding to an incident in the driveway of the hotel and then rushing across the street to a black SUV where a man surrenders to police:

A person in the SUV was then transported away by first responders:

And it looks like there are bullet holes in the back window of the car in the driveway:

We’ll keep you posted:


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