Remember when blue-checks mocked President Trump for this take on the crashed 737 Max jet in Africa?

Well, NY Mag’s “Intelligencer” just tweeted the same thought:

From the article:

While the plane was not a Boeing and did not involve a control system like the one implicated in the recent crashes of Lionair Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, the overall circumstances eerily echo the conditions that led to the loss of the two 737 Max jets. In all three cases, pilots suffered a dangerous and unexpected emergency during takeoff, lost the automation that they were used to relying on, and lacked the necessary skills to adequately handle the ensuing crisis. As such, these crashes illustrate the dangers of poorly integrating human and automatic control, a problem that will only worsen as automation becomes more ubiquitous.

In other words, Trump was right? Again? Time for some apologies, guys:

And on and on and on.