Fox News went to the Johnny V’s Classic Diner is Wisconsin ahead of its hosting of a town hall with Amy Klobuchar and this Trump supporter eating 10 eggs, for some reason, became the target of liberal ire. “Holy crap!’ Vox’s Aaron Rupar exclaimed:

Bobby Lewis of Media Matters was particularly triggered by this man’s thoughts on socialism:

Some accused Fox News of staging the delicious looking breakfast:

Here it is again with different customers:

But upon investigation, they discovered this wasn’t staged at all but a 5lb breakfast challenge, and now we totally want to try it, too:

And this is still a commentary on socialism for some reason:


Others not triggered by the eggs took issue with the “Robert E. Lee Special” which includes two biscuits with gravy, two sausage, two eggs and hash browns for only $10.99:

Seek help.