Earlier we shared a thread that matched celebrities at the Met Gala with various products you could buy in a store. Well, this thread could be even funnier as it matches these clowns with their Taco Bell doppelgangers.

OMFG, it’s perfect:


Mmm, nachos:

Quench your thirst:

Sour cream is a must:

We forgot what this is called but it looks good:

How is this even possible?

And we had no idea breakfast salsa was a thing:

Cheesy good:

We really have no idea what’s going on in the photo on the left:

“Live mas”:


The colors do match up:

Really, how is this thread possible?

Frosty beverage time:

You can get skittles on a drink at Taco Bell?

All the sauce:

Everything is better with pie:

And churros are good, too:

And finally, this is a fitting end to the thread:



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