Resistance Twitter is pretty psyched that they think they’ve caught Kellyanne Conway in another violation of the Hatch Act, this time when she criticized Dem Joe Biden while speaking on the driveway of the White House:

Say it, Lawrence: LOCK HER UP:

Richard Painter, who was the “ethics chief” in the George W. Bush administration, called for her to be fired:

It’s a “slam dunk,” he said:

Painter told Newsweek on Thursday that Conway is “obviously attacking Joe Biden,” and, “this is a slam dunk Hatch Act violation.”

“She did it before, she got away with it when she trashed Doug Jones, and goes to the exact same spot trashing Joe Biden,” Painter said, referring to late 2017 when Conway slammed then-Senate candidate Democrat Doug Jones in front of the White House.

Hold on, we’re still laughing at them:

They got Trump now! (This is written in sarcasm font):

And it will get dumber:

Of note, she’s been reprimanded for this before: