Well, here’s a first.

George Conway, the husband of Kellyanne Conway who normally spends his day bashing President Trump on Twitter,  is defending the president from a Reuters article that argued foreign government renting apartments in Trump buildings could be a potential violation of the Constitution’s emoluments clause:

From the article, which admits that the president doesn’t even own the units and is therefore not benefitting from say an exorbitant rent. These “legal experts” think the common charges which go to a management fee are the issue:

Six legal experts said that regardless of who owns those units, the fact that Trump was collecting fees for managing the building while foreign governments were paying to live there represents a potential breach of the emoluments clause. Certain constitutional scholars counter that the definition of “emolument” should be more narrow, a view that Trump’s attorneys share.

And as Conway points out, that’s an inane interpretation of the policy:

Twitter’s emoluments experts hardest hit: