There’s a new story flying around from The Independent on a colony of emperor penguins that was “effectively wiped out overnight” after a storm broke up the ice they were nesting on in Antarctica. Scientists say they see no signs of breeding in the area:

This is so sad, the people who didn’t read the article tweeted:

And it’s the “end of the emperors”:

Dumb humans, obviously!

Now for the good news! The birds are safe and happily breeding at a nearby colony, which you’d know if you read the article and not just the headline:

While the Halley Bay colony has now all but disappeared, the nearby Dawson-Lambton colony has markedly increased in size, indicating that many of the adult emperors have moved there, seeking better breeding grounds as environmental conditions continue to change.

The birds’ rapid relocation to a more stable breeding ground is significant and is encouraging, the scientists say, as until now it was not known whether the penguins would seek alternative sites in response to significant changes in their local environment.

Life finds a way . . . again!