The premiere of the final season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” airs tonight and even NASA is getting in on the ice and fire action, although the space agency is using it as a way to promote climate-change alarmism:

“While you’re waiting for the new #GameOfThrones episode, you can check out a real landscape of ice ❄️ and fire ?. Last week, @NASA_Landsat ? captured this image of a fire burning in Siberia between frozen land and lakes.”


“As the Arctic continues to warm ? even faster than the rest of the planet, fires ? in the region are likely to become more common and intense, releasing increasing amounts of carbon ♨️ in the atmosphere.”

The U.S. Navy got into the #GameOfThrones hashtag game as well, but its tweet was pretty good:

Well, ships *and* airpower, right?

Update: And now the Army has a tweet, too: