Remember when Mitt Romney was going to be the “leader of the Republican Resistance to Trump”?

And in a piece for The Bulwark titled, “We Need Mitt Romney. And We Need Him Now,” Gabriel Schoenfeld argued back in February that “The national emergency over the border wall gives [Romney] a chance to rise to the occasion”:

So, let’s check in with Mitt and see how his views on Trump and his immigration policies are going, shall we? From “Meet the Press” on Sunday:

The Utah Republican “we need” wouldn’t even criticize the president for his “country is full” remark that the president made while visiting the border on Friday:

More from his “Meet the Press” appearance:

Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney criticized Democrats for challenging President Trump on immigration, arguing the issue only helps Republicans politically.

Speaking during his first Sunday show interview since 2016, Romney argued that Trump has “tapped into something which the people feel very deeply” and said the Democratic focus is a “huge error.”

“We can’t have millions upon millions of people flooding into our country without a border that’s secure, without ICE making sure the people that are here illegally are sent back,” he said, referencing the nickname for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

“This is a winning issue I think for Republicans. But more importantly, it’s a winning issue for Americans to say, ‘We have to have the sovereignty of our nation.'”

Bonus Mitt: He called it “moronic” for Dems to try to get the president’s taxes through legislation: