It would seem that the end of the Russia investigation is bad news for MSNBC

This is just so, so funny:

From The Daily Beast:

Within MSNBC, there’s an acknowledgement that the Trump-Russia narrative on which the cable network—and especially its primetime star Maddow—built monster ratings has fizzled for the moment.

Insiders also claim not to be surprised that the conclusion of the long-awaited Mueller report—or at least the Trump-appointed attorney general’s summary—was a whimper, not a bang for an outlet that has invested so much time and energy, in primetime and throughout its dayparts, in the notion that Trump is unworthy of the Oval Office and might at some point be forced to give it up.

And on that note, this means that they “needed wild speculation and hysterics to keep ratings up”:

So, did MSNBC delude themselves or did they feed the narrative for $$$?