Bill Kristol floated a new name this morning to potentially take on Donald Trump in a 2020 GOP primary: George Conway, amateur psychologist and wife* husband to senior White House adviser Kellyanne:


Conway and the president are fighting it out over on Twitter this morning as well, with Trump calling “Mr. Kellyanne Conway a “stone cold LOSER & husband from hell”:

Conway responded with, “You. Are. Nuts”:

Conway, who has no medical training, diagnosed the president with Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

And he’s now comparing the president to Captian Queeg from “The Caine Mutiny”:

Of course, if you’ve watched the film (or, even better, have read the book) you know that it’s actually the junior officers around Queeg who failed their captain and abandoned him when he needed them most. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Editor’s note: We accidentally listed George Conway as Kellyanne’s wife.