Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted this photo of an undersea bubble from the cartoon SpongeBob and said this is how critics of her Green New Deal will respond to global warming:

Wait, is this a thing we’ve missed from libs?

And to answer her in a format she can understand, here are a few cartoons of our own. Watch your wallet when it comes time to pay for the GND:

Just back away:

Anyway, maybe critics of her Green New Deal are just slightly more advanced than that? Here’s what J.P. Morgan Asset Management has to say about it: “Green New Deal goals are not in the realm of the possible, that they do not appear grounded in existing scholarship on energy de-carbonization.”

And it’s, at best, “a slogan to galvanize support for change. At worst it’s “a sign of how little work its proponents have done” and “not a useful foundation for serious policy discussion”:

So, she’s basically a science-denier, right? That’s how this works?