MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough took to Twitter Sunday night to say he’s in favor of a ban on the AR-15 because it’s a “weapon of war” that “was far deadlier than the M-16 used in Vietnam”:

And now here’s 2nd Amendment expert with the many errors in Scarborough’s 3-tweet rant. For starters, the “AR-15 is not ‘far deadlier’ than the M-16 since they’re the same basic design”:

They use the same parts, Joe:

Gutowski calls the claim that the smaller round of the AR-15/M-16 makes it more dangerous “highly dubious”:

Scarborough wasn’t wrong about everything:

But. . .

As for the AR-15 being a “weapon of war,” Gutowski says “this is also true for pretty much every kind of gun you can think of”:

What guns will Scarborugh want to ban next?

Because the list of potentially banned guns is going to be quite long if this is the criteria:

Over to you, Joe: