63% of Wisconsin Dems — 39% for Bernie Sanders, 24% for Joe Biden — want an elderly heterosexual white man as their nominee:

Beto O’Rourke, at only 8%, is in Wisconsin and trying to make the case for a young heterosexual white man as the nominee by eating food the old people can’t eat. TAKE THAT CANDIDATES WHO HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT CHOLESTEROL:

Looking ahead to November 2020, Biden has the largest lead against President Trump. From Emerson:

Looking at statewide match-ups, Trump is tied with, or trails behind all of his Democratic rivals. Biden is Trump’s strongest opponent, with a 54% to 46% lead over Trump. This matchup is the only one that is outside the margin of error. Sanders and Warren both lead Trump with a 52% to 48% split, and Harris and Klobuchar are tied with Trump – all within the margin of error.